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St. Philomena

We promote devotion to St. Philomena. This virgin martyr gave her life for Jesus Christ as an early Martyr of the Church. She is known as Powerful with God. You can pray to her for all causes, spiritual and temporal, and she will hear your prayer. St. John Vianney said: “To Saint Philomena God refuses nothing.”

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The Universal Archconfraternity of St. Philomena was established by Pope St. Pius X on the May 21, 1912. The Archconfraternity is the official universal center of the devotion to St. Philomena. All who work for the good of St. Philomena and her earthy home “Sanctuary of St. Philomena” will be listed here. You can become a member and join in all events.

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To support the upkeep of the Sanctuary we organize worldwide events and pilgrimages to the Sanctuary of St. Philomena’s Pilgrim Centre situated within the Sanctuary. We visit many beautiful shrines and places in Southern Italy along with a visit to the home of our faith, St. Peter’s Basilica and an audience with Pope Frances, if in residence.

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